Muriel Clayton Apparel - October 2018

Muriel Clayton Apparel - October 2018

CLOSING DATE: November 16th, 2018 

*Orders will be delivered to Muriel Clayton School. They are NOT to be collected at North Star Sports.
*Orders will arrive approximately 4 weeks from the closing date.
*All sales are final after November 16th, 2018 .

**All apparel items are CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER. A custom printed garment CANNOT BE RETURNED or EXCHANGED due to an incorrect size being ordered. If you receive a size that is NOT what you ordered, it will absolutely be replaced. There is a link provided for each item that will provide you with an online sizing chart.

***We strongly recommend that if you're undecided about a size, please review the size chart and order a LARGER SIZE. Please keep in mind if you receive the size you ordered, you cannot exchange it for another size.   

****The online store DOES NOT ACCEPT DEBIT CARDS or 'Visa' DEBIT CARDS. Payment is accepted by standard Visa or MasterCard. If you need to make other arrangements such as payment in store or an E-Transfer; we can assist you with that.

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